Counterparty Due-Diligence Service

As a consequence of the global financial crisis, regulators no longer consider the sole use of independent credit ratings as sufficient due-diligence when monitoring financial counterparties.

Regulated entities require to be able to evidence to their national regulators that they have in place a documented review process which includes the evaluation of a wide range of information as part of a more onerous due-diligence process.

Our unique counterparty due-diligence service follows a simple to understand, common sense approach that is based on the maxim of “don’t make what you can’t measure”. Key points to note about the service include:

  • Use of indicative due-diligence scores to assist understanding
  • Ability to compare a ‘universe’ of counterparties against common benchmarks and against each other
  • Use of a RAG colour code approach to highlight differences or movements in the various risk categories
  • Regular provision of updated management information (MI) reports for compliance monitoring purposes

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